Extracted from the book "Archangels and the end of the eras"

"The men's parents were banished and moved away of the glories of the Paradise. And of them there was numerous descending that dispersed through the earth. But even on those times the angels also walked upon the lands. There were the angels' protests against their Lord . Would they deserve be behind the inferior humans , being denied the earth that had been promised times? And so the hostes of the skies were divided in factions and were defined, each one with their ideas, their ideal, their concepts. Then there was the Angelical War . At the end two currents just emerged. A symbolic act that would define the own humanity's roots. There were the Children of the Darkness and the Children of the Light, those that chose the Creator's auspices. Rays and thunders fell for on the lands and waters. Of the waters sprouted mountains. The oceans cried in pain. Between days and nights the skies were scratched out by endless lightnings. Thunders rumbled so that they seemed never to come to have end. The men could only contemplate the celestial beings' war, without anything to do besides sheltering of such fury that fell. It was in this period disturbed that the Celestial Beings saw that were beautiful the men's daughters and they took them for themselfs. Of this union the giants of this world were born. Many lived a long time and they gave children of themselves. These possessed great stature, but never arriving to the one of the men's parents. "

Throughout the year of 2001 it was written the work ARCHANGELS by author Fernando Cavalier. In January , 2002, the work was compiled in book format and edited, being published by publisher Mitsukai, Brazil .

In February , 2002, the site ARCHANGELS is launched. Not a dedicated site to one work only. But to the universal beings' mythical and ethereal context. In this context the Archangels could not be forgotten.

The trip is just beginning. Where this highway will finish is besides any observation point.

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